Responsive Support

For credit unions seeking prompt, expert support, Lightstream offers two key advantages:

First, our Support Team consists of the same project managers, designers, and developers who built your site. If an issue arises, we are already familiar with the project and better prepared to find a quick resolution.

Second, there are no expensive maintenance packages. Lightstream provides all website support at a flat rate of $85 per hour. This applies to all website services, from CMS updates to design changes, so you can enjoy predictable, affordable pricing and avoid a restrictive long-term support contract.

Support and Maintenance Options:

  • Standard Support – Standard website changes (content edits and image changes) will be completed in one business day and can often be made the same day.
  • Basic Updates – Basic updates will be completed within three business days of submission. These could include new form creation, new page creation, style sheet changes, or training requests.
  • Advanced Updates – Requests will be assessed and an estimate on timing will be provided within one to three business days. These could include website analysis, new template creation, enhanced site functionality, or new integration.
  • Server Security & Maintenance – Downtime notifications are provided as soon as we are aware of any server performance or deliverability issues and will be acted on quickly.
  • 99.9% Uptime – Our hosting service is guaranteed to be available 99.9% of the time in any calendar month. If it is not, you may be eligible to receive service credits.
  • Active Monitoring – Your site will be continuously monitored for cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.
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