Advertising & Marketing Services

Need help growing deposits, closing on more loans, attracting more SEGs, and getting your message out to the members of the communities you serve?  We’re here to help. Our team structures, develops, launches, and manages campaigns and programs every business day, so we know how to drive results and maximize cost efficiencies.

  • Coordinated Campaigns – Our creative team and campaign managers select the most appropriate digital and print channels based on your target audience and business objectives. Then we tailor your messaging to each channel, test, optimize, track, and integrate the analytics. You benefit from a seamless campaign that produces results in the short term and generates business intelligence in the long term, so subsequent campaigns will be even stronger.
  • Marketing Automation – The integration of digital marketing channels with a database gives you the opportunity to present the appropriate message to members at the right moment in time, track engagement, and identify your hottest prospects. With our help you can easily implement, manage, and develop content for your marketing automation platform.
  • Email Marketing – Present your offers directly to your members using your own list or prospects using purchased lists. Test multiple messages to gain intelligence. We’ll help you write, design, and program your emails, so they appear properly on all widely used email platforms and devices.
  • Content Marketing – Engage your members and prospects with useful information designed to improve their financial lives and enhance their perception of you. Content, or inbound, marketing is an important strategy for starting, maintaining, and deepening relationships with members.
  • Search Engine Marketing – Whether you refer to it as SEM, paid search, pay-per-click, or PPC, we can use it to help you increase loans and deposits. Using Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing, we will plan, target, implement, test, optimize, track, and report, so you can clearly see the positive results generated by your campaign.
  • Digital Display Advertising – Direct-buys, display networks, and programmatic advertising are tools we can use to help you target by site, interest, context, and topic. After we establish a targeting strategy, we can develop static and/or HTML5 animated ads.
  • Native Advertising – Presenting useful content within the context of a website is a non-disruptive way of communicating your organization’s value and drawing visitors to your website or landing page. Let us help you plan your ad placement, develop your content, and create your landing page.
  • Online Video Advertising – Based on media research, 15- to 30- second pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, and outstream video ads have been capturing more attention than banner ads, and as a result they have been also capturing a larger portion of marketing budgets. Rely on us to plan, create, and execute your online video campaign.
  • Paid Social – Let us help you target your members and prospects on Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter. We can show you how to use each network’s advanced targeting capabilities to raise your brand awareness and drive traffic to your landing pages.
  • Remarketing – Remind members and prospects about your credit union and your specific offers in the critical decision-making period after they’ve first shown interest in your advertising.  We can use a variety of channels, including social networks, to present your message again.
  • Radio – Radio is still an effective channel for building brand awareness, and stations are more willing than ever to provide added value and explore creative advertising opportunities. We can help you plan, negotiate, create, and execute an effective campaign.
  • Trigger Marketing – Let us help you maximize the effectiveness of your marketing automation platform by developing relevant content that is delivered to your members at appropriate times based on milestones in their lives or annual events such as Black Friday and Tax Day.
  • Television – TV spots are more reasonable than ever, and the variety of cable programming means that you have more ability to target certain audiences. Let us help you plan your media buy, create your spots, and manage your campaign.
  • Direct Mail – Effective for both brand awareness and product promotion, direct mail has seen a resurgence in recent years. We can help you refine your strategy, develop your list, create your mail piece, and manage the printing and mailing.
  • Print – Although print advertising has dropped off dramatically in recent years, rate-driven products such as share certificates still attract attention in this channel. You can count on us to help you plan, create, and execute your print advertising.
  • Outdoor – From billboards to bus wraps, and everything in between, we can help you bring your message to the masses. Let us help you select locations, negotiate pricing, and develop creative to match the format and traffic flow.
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