Do you need help discovering and communicating what makes your institution unique and exceptional? Our proven eight-step Brand Exploration Process is designed to help you arrive at an authentic brand that resonates with stakeholders and articulates the timeless value of your school.

  • Brand Research – Let us help you identify where you fit within the marketplace. What are your school’s true strengths? How are you perceived? What does the market want? What brand positioning hasn’t been claimed by competitors? We’ll analyze your institution and the environment in which you operate to identify your brand sweet spot and craft your authentic brand story.
  • Brand Identity – Once you know your brand sweet spot, let us develop your identity – the outward expression of your institution’s inner nature. This identity will resonate with your internal stakeholders and reveal a place where quality students want to be, the best faculty want to teach, and loyal donors want to support.
  • Brand Training – People can spot a fake almost instantly. That’s why lasting brands start on the inside of the institution and work their way out. We’ll help your faculty and staff talk the talk, and more importantly, walk the walk, so each day you’re living out your brand promise.
  • Brand Guidelines – To build brand equity, you need consistency. We’ll develop guidelines that will ensure that all communications connect target audiences emotionally to your institution in a decisive way.
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