Grab Their Attention With Explainer Videos

For positive lead generation and increased sales, data indicates there’s nothing like explainer videos. Demand and consumption of video continues to accelerate, meaning it’s time to up your marketing game with this medium. Here’s what you need to know about explainer videos and how to make them work for your insurance brand.

Explainer Videos Explained

When presented with a five-minute read or a 90-second video, most consumers will skip the text and go right for the video. Why? It’s how our brains are wired. It’s easier for us to process audio and visual information compared to text. So, a well-crafted, short video that explains a specific coverage, risk, or process has a better chance of engaging your audience and creating brand recall than an article, blog post, or brochure. For example, here’s an animated explainer video we did about mortgage relief scams.

Sound too simplistic for the insurance industry? It’s just the opposite. Explainer videos are perfect for communicating complex topics to a broad audience. When done right, an explainer video makes it much easier for your audience to understand the nuanced differences between your insurance products and the competitors’.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Communicating a complex topic with color, sound, and movement is certainly better than using lengthy blocks of text.

Some specific benefits you can take advantage of when you produce explainer videos include:

  • Making it easier for clients to understand your products and claims services
  • Helping your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • Increasing brand engagement on platforms where people prefer to consume content
  • Selling more successfully without being salesy
  • Driving more traffic to your website and boosting your brand’s SEO rankings

5 Ways to Use Explainer Videos

Just like other forms of content marketing, explainer video results depend on the quality of the content and how they are integrated into your marketing strategy. Here are five ways to use explainer videos to effectively market your insurance brand:

  1. Explain Insurance Terms: For the average person, insurance terms like deductible and claimant can be confusing and make it hard to understand policy literature. A library of explainer videos for common insurance terms might be a valuable addition to your company’s website. You could also use them in email campaigns to drive traffic to your website.
  2. Describe New Products or Services: Short videos describing new products or services can be great for marketing to customers and to agents. Explainer videos make it easier for independent agents to keep up with your insurance brand’s latest offerings, and they can share the videos with their clients.
  3. Share Client Testimonials: Client testimonials are an important marketing tool when they are done right. It can be tricky, though, to balance your client’s anonymity with the validity of their statements. In an explainer video, clients can give as much or as little detail about themselves as they feel comfortable with. Even without a name, the image in the video alleviates any concern the testimonial is not coming from a real person.
  4. Instruct Existing Clients: When a client needs to submit a claim, whether someone is available to help or not, an explainer video can personalize the experience. Client satisfaction can often increase when short videos are available to help guide people who need to navigate your claims platform.
  5. Compare Similar Products: You know the difference between property insurance and dwelling fire insurance, but many clients and potential clients might not. An explainer video focused on the differences between two similar insurance products could help your agents educate potential clients and solidify the credibility of your insurance brand.

Just like other forms of content marketing, explainer videos can help position your insurance brand as the expert in the field. The more information you present to clients or potential clients via professionally prepared explainer videos, the more they will rely on your knowledge and develop a relationship with your brand.

Need help integrating explainer videos into your insurance brand marketing strategy? Think this is a great idea but not sure how to execute? Contact LIGHTSTREAM for assistance with all your video and content marketing needs.