Show Patients Your Sensitive Side

Fear of embarrassment or judgment can keep people from getting screened for cancer, being tested for sexually transmitted diseases, seeking treatment for substance abuse, disclosing domestic abuse, and getting care for infertility and many other health issues. This is a unique challenge for healthcare marketers, who must often help patients overcome the embarrassment factor and gain their trust.

Here are a few tips for marketing sensitive health services to patients:

  • Normalize. When a patient has a sensitive health issue, they may feel like they’re the only person in the world experiencing it. In reality, what they’re going through is probably very common. Telling patients how normal their concerns are can make them more likely to respond to your messaging.
  • Display empathy. Show patients, through the imagery and language you choose, that your health system is a discreet, compassionate partner that understands what they’re going through and wants to provide them with great care – not judgment.
  • Manage expectations. As abstract concepts, things like colonoscopies, weight loss surgery, or drug rehabilitation can be frightening. Providing people with specific information about what to expect can make them more likely to ask for help.

Is your marketing striking the right tone when it comes to your patients’ most sensitive concerns? Lightstream’s healthcare marketing experts know what it takes to get patients past the embarrassment factor and into your care. Contact us to learn how we can help you.