7 tips to Improve Conversion Rates

Digital marketing has likely improved your healthcare system’s patient engagement and loyalty better and faster than most other marketing initiatives. Now that a majority of health systems employ digital marketing, however, competition is tight. Specific strategies can enhance your campaign conversion rate optimization (CRO), turning prospects into patients. Here are seven ways to do that:

  1. Add More Detail, Fewer Words: People just don’t read that much. Try giving them a detailed ad they can skim in 30 seconds or less. Grab attention with a short, intriguing headline. Break up text into short blocks using headlines and subheads in outline format. Keep bullet points brief and use italics or other web formatting to emphasize key points.
  2. Provide Connection Options: Although you’ve drilled down to a very specific target audience for your digital marketing campaign, they do not all have the same preferences for communication methods. Some will prefer to call. Others will want to connect via email. Still others will be happy to complete a contact form. Including connection options will accommodate more of your target audience and increase your conversion rates.
  3. Feature Social Proof Prominently: Social proof is an important feature of digital marketing campaigns that should be highlighted. People make decisions based on other people’s experiences and recommendations. Testimonials, case studies, and social media comments can all be strong influencers that improve conversion rates.
  4. Include a Book-an-Appointment Button: This seems like a simple concept, but it is often lost in the ad development process. If the call to action in your campaign is to book an appointment, making it easy to act will improve your conversion rates. The fewer clicks required to complete an action, the more likely the audience is to follow through. Make sure there is a button right in your ad that takes users directly to an appointment calendar.
  5. Make It Mobile: A majority of people use their phone to fill up downtime in their lives. They are waiting online at the pharmacy or in the grocery checkout when they see your digital campaign. If your ads are optimized for mobile, they get the full effect and can act immediately from their mobile device. If your ads are not optimized for mobile, by the time they get home and turn on their laptop, they’ve already forgotten about your ad.
  6. Test Landing Pages: You may have wonderful ideas, but you don’t know how a certain image or color will resonate with your audience until you test it. A/B testing is essential to any digital marketing campaign. Test your headlines, call-to-action buttons, background colors, and images to see which ones get the best results. Test items one at a time to help you keep track of your results. Testing will help you put forth the best combination of elements in an ad campaign that converts.
  7. Optimize High Performing Content: A good CRO strategy is to focus on high performing content. Ignore low performing content and concentrate on the rest. The high performing content has already demonstrated that it resonates with your audience. A few tweaks can boost its conversion rate. Try adding more relevant keywords or another call-to-action button. Remember to test each new version to see what works.

These are just some of the ways your healthcare system can optimize conversion rates on your digital marketing campaigns. For more ideas and to learn how to incorporate CRO into your marketing plan, contact LIGHTSTREAM today. Let us help you with all your healthcare system marketing needs.