Gain New Insight & Improve Ad Performance With Facebook’s Reworked Relevance Score

Anyone who advertises on Facebook knows the importance of Relevance Scores. This is a metric Facebook uses to report the quality and engagement level of your ads – which also has an impact on your cost per click and how likely Facebook is to display your ad to your target audience.

Starting April 30, however, Facebook is dividing Relevance Scores into three separate metrics. The new metrics are:


This score measures the quality of your ad compared to other ads targeting similar audiences.


This tells you the expected engagement rate Facebook thinks your ad will get, and lets you compare your score to other ads targeting similar audiences.


This compares your expected conversion rate to ads with the same optimization goals and target audiences.

Armed with a better understanding of how your message and content aligns with your target audience, these new metrics will help you identify what you’re doing well and where you can improve. That could mean narrowing down your target audience, refining your message, or creating more engaging visual content, but the goal is always the same – increasing conversions to deliver a better return on investment on your social media marketing campaigns.

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